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Creative Employee Recognition Ideas Can Motivate a Team.

Posted by Brian Brady on Thu, Jan 31, 2013 @ 02:21 PM


employee awards, award ideas, recognition ideas, plaques awards, recognition awards$25.00 Gas Cards!!  For a couple of months our sales management team has been raffling off $25.00 Gas Cards.  At the end of the day we announce the winners over the loud speaker and one or two maybe three people win.

Right before the holidays we changed it up.  In November if you hit a target sales quota # you received a 25.00 Gift Card to Walmart. 

The first attempt at motivating a telemarketing sales team was well just that an attempt.  Not a lot of enthusiasm for a 1-36 chance at a 25.00 Gas Card.

By adjusting the second attempt and making the individual responsible for getting the "Gift Card" and not leaving it up to chance we hit a winner.  Not only where people receiving a gas card everyday but the team was hitting their individual and group numbers. 

This creative employee recognition idea was genius in the execution and the timing.  We ran this for a month and a half and a lot of our sales reps had over $150.00 in Gift Cards for their personal holiday shopping.  And we had a lot of sales.  A win - win. 

This is just one way to motivate a team of people whether those people are involved in sales or another business. 

In todays world you need an edge to attract the right type of people to your organzation to help make it as successful as possible.  We are a commissioned based sales orgaznization but what we realized is sometimes money just isn't enough.

Not only do little incentives motivate it also creates in my opinion the right type of atmosphere and environment.  It's healthy to reward those who are doing a good job. 

We would like to here from you leave a comment or suggestion as to how your company handles motivating it's employees besides monetarily.

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