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Performance awards it's in the budget. Recognition Award Ideas.

Posted by Brian Brady on Fri, Feb 01, 2013 @ 10:41 AM

performance awards, recognition award, award ideasFor the first time this year our company In The News Inc. will be participating in Tampa Bay's 31st annual America II, Corporate SportsFest!.  With over 4,000 attendees and no athletic talent necessary it could be a lot of fun.

It all started with one employee presenting the idea to our owner with the hopes of allowing him access to email company employees and try and gather a team together.

It turned into a sponsorship driven participation where our company In The News has become the main sponsor for our team.

It's in the budget.

Now to incentivize and make sure everyone shows up you do have to put up $15.00 of your own money but our company is covering the entry fee.

With such events as volleyball, corn toss, dodge ball, surf and turf, and tug of war there will be opportunity to see everyone coming together or falling apart.

A beach day filled with a lot of laughs can really bring a company together. Probably why the owners of our company thought it was a good idea to put up the money to sponsor the event.

Performance awards for this event can be a perfect way for our business to recap the days festivities.


Of course if we end up winning some of the events we are sure to get awards and recognition at the event but why not capitalize even further.

We just happen to be a wall plaque company who provides engravings and laminations for just these types of events so it should be right in our wheel house.

What we might do is assign a small committee who is in charge of coming up with award titles for the event.

Here are some off the top of my head:

  1. Best Swimsuit
  2. Best Spike
  3. Best Team Speech

These performance awards can be made up and presented at the recap meeting back at the company.  It could be sprinkled into the monthly mundane sales meeting.

Employee Recognition Award Ideas can be a small thing that makes a big difference where you work.  For us it all started with one employee with an idea.

If you want more information creating award or performance award plaques for your office click on our button below you can get some more ideas and we can talk about events you might want to give internal office awards.

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