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Restaurant plaques customer photo series easy framing online.

Posted by Brian Brady on Tue, Feb 05, 2013 @ 10:38 AM

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Yoders Restaurant has been serving the Sarasota community since 1975.  Famous for Amish homemade pies this restaurant has been winning the hearts and minds of customers from Florida and far beyound for a long time. 

Recognized again and again for great food and service Yoders Restuarant began using In The News to frame there accomplishments from time to time. 

Some of the awards they have won you can find on their website like:

  • Best Dinner Under $10.00
  • Best Amish Restaurant
  • Best Homemade Desserts
  • Best Key Lime Pie
  • Best Carry out
  • Best Breakfast

Whether it's the Sarasota Herald Tribune or Sarasota Magazine this restaurant always seems to make the top lists when it comes time to be awarded best restaurant.

So it was nice to receive a customer photo showing off their article plaques this weekend.  One of our own employees actually was in the restaurant and shot the photo you see in the article.

It's always exciting to see our framed article plaques being put to good use.  restaurant plaques are a great way for a place to let everyone know where they stand and a great way to say thank you to the loyal customers who made it happen.

Restaurant Plaques Tips and Suggestions

  • Update Your Wall

One thing that's important is to keep your awards and plaques up to date.  It's nice to see a timeline on the wall of each year you have been recognized. 

No one wants to see a plaque from ten years ago all by itself.  Updating your restaurant plaques makes a difference to your customers.

  • Take a survey. 

Ask your loyal customers to participate in a survey asking them questions about the type of plaques you have on the wall.

Maybe just a yes or no question.  Do you like to see our awards displayed on the wall? 

You can come up with a reward system for those taking the time to do the survey. They can opt in to an email campaign or just print some survey cards and do them at the restaurant.

Those are two ideas that can generate interaction with your loyal customers. 

Was your restaurant or cafe featured in a newspaper, magazine, or blog? Have photos of famous patrons dining at your establishment?

There is nothing like good press and local hype to help build a restaurant’s clientele, and push their audience to the next level. Preserve and display your good press with a custom wall plaque, and keep your patrons coming back again and again. Ready to get started on your display?

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