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High School Sports Plaques and Framed Newspaper Articles.

Posted by Brian Brady on Mon, Feb 18, 2013 @ 11:13 AM


Are you a parent?  I was thinking of the Spider Man quote, "With great power, comes great responsibility. 

I myself am a parent of two.  A boy and a girl and they are only about 2 years apart.  I was wondering about parents today as I was imagining whether or not my children would be playing sports or some type of after school activity. 

Really what I was thinking about is how do you do it all?  I mean at best I can get my kids cleaned, dressed and fed with no real problems.     

As I was thinking about parents who have multiple kids in High School and the responsibility to get to all the practices and events it became clear that most parents are Super Heroes.

high school sports plaque, framed newspaper article, newspaper frameIt became clear to me then what our mission would be as we contact those parents who have children featured in local newspapers for various accomplishments including playing High School Sports. 

At In The News Inc. we offer a service to frame and preserve newspaper articles for display

A lot of times when we call on those featured in the sports section of local newspapers we are trying to contact the parents of successful high school athletes.

It would be keen for us to take a moment and congratulate the entire family for the ability to have a son or daughter who has been recognized with a newspaper article.

Most times we think it's the child who deserves all the credit.  They are the ones keeping their grades up and going to practice and putting in the time to be successful.  And this is all true.  But behind every great kid you are going to find someone who is helping them along the way.   

I think parents would agree with me they don't want the credit.  The credit comes from seeing good things happen to their kids. 

But maybe the next time your son or daughter is featured in the sports section of the newspaper or is lucky enough to be featured or spotlighted in a local magazine you will remember to have the article mounted and preserved into a frame to display the success.

Not only for your child but maybe a little satisfaction for you the parent.   

Need to recognize an MVP? Did your team win a championship? Notice your star performance reviewed in a magazine or newspaper? Was your child’s little league team featured in the neighborhood newsletter? Commemorate your sports and entertainment achievements with a custom wall plaque. Ready to get started on your display?

At In The News Inc we specialize in mounting and laminating magazine and newspaper articles for businesses, sports figures, publishers, restaurants, hobbyists, and families from all over the United States.

We offer a way for those featured in a publication to make a lasting impression by preserving and displaying their success. You’ve probably seen our wall displays on some of the best business walls in the country.

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If you’re in the news, we know it, and we make it our business to offer you our custom lamination service. We subscribe to over 6,000 publications including every major daily newspaper in America.

In addition we receive nearly every magazine, business journal, and trade publication from every city, state, and region, covering a wide variety of subjects. Our account representatives work with businesses and individuals as they appear in the news, delivering a product that prominently and tastefully displays the original article or achievement in which they have been featured.



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