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Trouble Getting Articles Published? Create Your Own Magazine!

Posted by Brian Brady on Thu, Feb 21, 2013 @ 11:20 AM


How to get articles published, publish magzine articles, publish newspaper articlesIn light of a recent guide we published, "How to get articles published in Magazine and Newspaper publications" we wanted to introduce a new and fun way to create your own content.

Reading my Google Alerts for new technology and digital magazines I came across Glossi,  a new online create your own magazine and content site to push your ideas out in a magazine format.

Publish your own articles and bypass the all powerful publisher who wields a heavy wand on who gets published and who does not. 

Imagine creating your own magazine where you start to attract your own advertising and all of a sudden you are making money off of something you created.  Sound too far fetched? 

Not really, it's already being done let's look at some famous blogs who are raking in the dough. You can read a great article from Income Daily on the subject of making money from a blog. 

Why not take control of your own destiny.  You already think your idea and business model is a success and maybe it already is, so let's get the word out.

Whether it's a great business idea, journal, or just a hobby to create and add content, writing articles for your own magazine might be a great investment.

Here are some ideas of certain industries that might create their own magazines:


  • List recipe's and photos of dishes. Another way to add subscribers for email lists and ask for patrons to submit articles on positive dining experiences. You could ask your customers to be part of the magazine.

Small Business

  • Create a product line to introduce new ideas to see if they work before you buy inventory and stock your shelves. Generate a buzz by hyping up something new by creating a magazine. 


  • Forget your newsletter, let teams create their own internal magazine with ideas about the company and create a whole perspective from a certain wing of your business.

It might be something worth considering.  Done right you could become your own publisher. 

Today the Internet allows us all to think and create whatever we want. You don't have to get permission or published in your local paper and pay money to advertise anymore.

You are the experts of your world, become the expert by creating your own content whether it's a magazine or a blog and attract the right people to promote your ideas.

Create Your Own Magazine and never have to worry about getting yourself published again.

Who Are We?  In The News Inc

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If you’re in the news, we know it, and we make it our business to offer you our custom lamination service. We subscribe to over 6,000 publications including every major daily newspaper in America.

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