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Appreciation plaques: Not just employee of the month anymore.

Posted by Brian Brady on Fri, Mar 29, 2013 @ 04:12 PM

Appreciation plaques are a great way for businesses or individuals to showcase subject material. They also serve as a fantastic focal point for clients.award plaque, appreciation plaque, laminated plaques, certificate plaques,  
When people think of an appreciation plaque, it typically brings to mind the simple wooden plaque with several metal tags attached to it with employee names, but the features on these items is so much more.

Showcasing articles from newspapers or magazines, letters of appreciation, or high profile clients, is another fantastic way to utilize these products. The name of the employee or department which was highlighted in the material can also be affixed with the standard metal tag along with a brief summary or quote.

Plaques for employee of the month is a great model of showing your employees that you recognize their hard work. It also provides new clients with names and accomplishments which may catch their eye when they are looking for service.

Presenting another person or company with any of the many different appreciation plaques is a wonderful way to aid in their advertising and showcasing their abilities. These can be given for work that was performed which was exemplary, as a thanks for volunteer services, or any other circumstance which would warrant a "Thank you".

Appreciation plaques can be created to meet any needs of the presenter from simple designs to very intricate ones. The sentiment delivered with these pieces is more permanent than any card, and makes a wonderful addition to any decor office decor.

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