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Business Plaques: Create Your Own Public Relation Message.

Posted by Brian Brady on Thu, Apr 04, 2013 @ 11:01 AM

A positive publication in a newspaper or magazine is a milestone for individuals and businesses alike.  For an individual athlete, musician, or artist, appearing in print often represents the achievement of a major goal.

It is the tangible proof showing years of dedication, practice and sacrifice. Many people want to display news articles like these along with awards and plaques.

To a business, being featured in the print media means all of this and so much more because of the concept of Advertising Value Equivalency (AVE).

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AVE is the idea that article space in a publication is equal to or greater in value than the same amount of space if purchased for advertising.  To  some in the public relations and advertising industries, AVE is a controversial subject as they claim it is not possible to assign a monetary value to these publications.  

They say that because a business does not have control over the messaging in articles, there is not a reliable way to calculate the value of these publications.  However, there are ways that a business can take control of their print media messaging and increase its value.

One effective tool to increasing the value of print media is to display news articles in a way that controls messaging and effectively highlights the company brand.

In The News offers a variety of display products that display news articles and brand logos in an impressive array of options.  Displaying a news article in a business gives clients and potential customers the opportunity to read about the business from a neutral perspective and signifies the value associated with the brand.  

The news changes rapidly, but through creative displays and plaques, In The News allows businesses to create their own public relations messaging, keeping yesterday's news fresh and relevant forever.

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