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Immortalizing memories with custom magazine frames.

Posted by Brian Brady on Wed, Apr 10, 2013 @ 09:21 AM


The act of immortalizing a memory by creating a perpetual symbol or event. It is the ultimate act of acknowledging advancement and using the memory to raise the standard in appreciation of more potential.

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There are many ways of commemorating an event, one of the most effective is by use of magazine frames or preserving a publication that publicly acknowledges the occurrence of the event, progression or achievement in lamination, engraving or plaques.

For many individuals, corporates and SMBs, it might be a magazine article on the achievements of their community outreach program, the perfect score on a child's school report, or an encore performance spread in the local newspaper or a global magazine. These all create an innate motivation to perpetuate remembrance; to commemorate.

Getting the right service that will perpetuate the memory is perceived as simple, but many often end up with a raw deal, having their publication or commemoration symbol encased in a generic frame, a common template plaque. Since the event is special in all aspects, what one needs is a specialized service that delivers a personal touch, and one that appreciates the following aspects of the commemoration:

1. For Personal Motivation

An event in time has no chance for recurrence, the matter is closed and 'written on stone', so rather than attempt a recreation of the event, why not 'put it on stone' providing the best incentive for the next achievement?

Personal motivation is important when advancing one's career or goals, or providing incentives to children when they overcome important milestones, achieve recognition for their talents and efforts, as well as career implicative publications in the local paper, magazine, or even a screen-shot from a popular television station, one can mark each event and immortalize the motivating effect by selecting customized and personally crafted frames for one's magazine feature, certification, Press Release, headline coverage with a national newspaper among many others, virtually any publicly or personally acknowledged achievements.

2. For Business Advancement

One of the ways of advancing business agendas in growth and development is the commemoration of achievements and media coverage articles which depict remarkable performance, recognition and benchmark establishment in the company's service or operational outcomes. Displaying these memoirs in various creative ways takes an expert in the field of preservation, one who is able to:

·      Increase Client Confidence

·      Increase staff incentive for achievement

·      Increase the quality of service in all internal and external service by raising operational standards

3. A Different Approach

In meeting the aspects outlined above, one would want to subscribe to the services that provide competitive solutions in the following areas:

A Range of Customized and Appealing Products: Engravings, Plaques, Article Framing, App and Logo signs and other Accessories.

Service - Each person or organization is unique in terms of their needs, image and personality, the commemorative mount needs to appreciate one's best features, creating the required impact for advancement, growth and motivation for progress.

Support - Given that no process is without it's challenges, what is critical is support that is offered before, during and after the delivery.

Expert consult and an open line for expressing the need to make changes may be necessary in presenting the mount with the required appeal as depicted in the article, award, or message on the plaque and engravings.

Since every story is different, so is each milestone and by extension the commemoration of such a milestone. A fully consultative and supportive process should not only be value add, but essential given the required quality of the output.

In The News Inc has been commemorating memories for companies and individuals featured in publications for a quarter century, our process allows you to view the product in hand to make your decision before you authorize payment.  

What we ask is you submit your article or articles for a quote our team will track down the article in our vast library system or find it online, determine the size and price and email you back a quote. 

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 You can visit our website @ or gives us a call @ 800-548-3993 we are old school and would love to hear about all of your success.  



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