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Perfectly Capture Your Business' Personality

Posted by Brian Brady on Mon, May 27, 2013 @ 10:25 AM

KavaliroIf your business is successful, chances are, it has a good logo. And, if it's not yet making the big bucks, a quality logo is what's going to put you in the right direction. What does a quality logo look like though, and how is it put together? Well, for one thing, it must capture your business' unique personality. Don't yet have a personality for your business? Don't worry, you're not alone - many people find themselves in your shoes.

While there are a few avant garde companies that forge ahead the rest with a completely unique swagger, most companies take cues from the really successful ones. Still, we'd like to encourage you to be you, whenever possible, and what better way to do that than displaying your logo with acrylic signs?


Stick Out

Whether you're maintaining your integrity by doing your own thing, or taking cues from a popular company, an acrylic sign is a great way to make your logo pop. Let's talk about the difference between an acrylic signin the hallway of your office building, as opposed to it being generically listed like the rest of the companies in your building.

If you simply want a way for your visitors to find you, then a generic listing in the wall will do the job, but it certainly won't get any of your visitors get excited about who they're visiting, and it obviously won't help you distinguish your business from the pack.

Get Into Their Heads

Although you may not think that having your logo outside of your door will make that much of a difference, it certainly does. You may think, "hey, we've already got visitors - a fancy sign in the hallway of our building won't do that much more for us." Think again. The truth is, the more people see your logo, the better off you'll be. Many business owners fear that they're bombarding people with their brand. Well, too much is never enough, and besides, much of the exposure an company's acrylic sign offers is subliminal.

Sure, there are people who walk the halls, looking for your company's name, but hundreds will pass by the sign, not knowing that they're ingesting your brand - this is nothing but good news for you. Furthermore, this type of sublimal effect would certainly not happen as easy with a regular ol' listing on the wall.

Besides bolding displaying your company's personality, another awesome thing about acrylic signs is their durability. While a generic listing on the wall would be super prone to wear and tear, an acrylic sign displaying your company's logo will last for years and years, as it's extremely scratch resistant.

Studies have shown that acrylic is many times more durable than similar plastics, and that its one of the most environmentally stable plastics out there - meaning that it can easily survive harsh outdoor elements. With that said, your acrylic sign will certainly have no problem holding up indoors.

See Results

All in all, there's really no better way to embody the persona you'd like to put forward for your company, than with an acrylic sign. Trust us, you'll see the results fast.

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