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Custom Keepsakes For Special Occasions

Posted by Brian Brady on Wed, May 29, 2013 @ 10:54 AM

Custom KeepsakesBecause acrylic is an extremely sturdy substance, it's often used to preserve important historical items or memorabilia. It also extremely transparent, allowing someone from the outside to easily see what's been placed on the inside. Add to that, its unassuming, adapt-to-anything aesthetic, and you have a material that works wonders for creating keepsakes to fondly recall important occasions.


Weddings are obviously occasions worth reminiscing over, and acrylic signs are an elegant way of displaying the names of the newlyweds at their reception tables. After the reception is over, they can take the sign home, and have it for the rest of their lives.


Some people view anniversaries as perhaps more important than weddings because they celebrate the fact that they are still together - an even greater accomplishment than deciding to get married. This is why it's so important that these milestones be remembered. Just as your acrylic wedding sign lasted 25 years, the one you have created for your anniversary will surely last another 25.

New Babies

Your kids will grow up fast, and as you watch them get older, although you may not realize it, there will be a last time for everything in their childhood lives - A last time they'll eat baby food; a last time they'll crawl to get around; and a last time you'll pick them up. You probably won't remember the last time you'll pick your child up, but you can remember their baby years a bit more, with their name imprinted in an acrylic sign above the crib, in their nursery. 

Bar Mitzvahs

The day a Jewish boy becomes a man is, undoubtedly, a pivotal moment for them. They've studied the Torah long and hard, and have made a commitment to have their religion be a central focus in their lives. What better way to remember the exact date of this monumental event, than with an acrylic sign? It might hold the invitation to the party, a letter from their rabbi, or a portion of the scripture that was read in front of the congregation.

Acrylic Is The Ultimate In Preservation

Keepsakes can come in a variety of forms - they capture a very specific moment in time. Some of these items will be very durable, why others might start to deteriorate after only a few years. For paper documents and other such items, placing them in acrylic is definitely the best way to preserve them for years to come.

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