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Plaques for the Upcoming Award Show

Posted by Brian Brady on Tue, Jun 25, 2013 @ 02:57 PM

Plaque For Awards Show

Your achievements are as unique and special as you are. No two awards are the same, and your accomplishments are worthy of praise. Your awards are well deserved, and you have earned the right to brag about them. Award shows are a great way to both boast about what you have accomplished and to honor your colleagues and employees with their own accomplishments. Award shows can also help you meet future customers and clients as well as potential business partners, which is why plaques are so important. Plaques are concrete evidence and fruits of your labor, which are a great addition to any award show, whether they are given, received, or laid out on a bragging table.

Award Shows

As said before, award shows are a great way to meet people. These people can help your business grow, as they are all potential customers, clients, or future business partners. All of these potential relationships require the proper first impression: enticing, strong, and immediate. Plaques create those impressions with their stylish and professional design. With a plaque, your accomplishments and those of your employees make you and your company stand out above the rest. A plaque can carry all the details about the specific accomplishments, as well as display a certificate, award, newspaper article or magazine feature. Presenting these awards and receiving them are memorable events, and plaques can be displayed on a table to show others what you and your company are about.

Wooden Plaques

Plaques with a wooden base are a great way to show off your hard-earned achievements. They add stylish professionalism to any room and can be brought to or handed out during award shows. They are great for brag tables and group displays. When more than one plaque comes together, they can be organized into a custom wall display. The centerpiece of the award is the physicality of your accomplishment, whether it is a newspaper clipping, an article, a blog, or even the first page of an essay. It is accompanied by the smooth wooden base. When adorned by any color trim, your plaque can become a valuable asset to any room. Turn your achievements into decorative plaques today!

Acrylic Company and App Logos

Acrylics are here now! We now can turn your company or app logo into a beautiful acrylic artwork! Any design can become both professional and eye-catching. Acrylic logos and signs can add a new aesthetic dimension to any room. Keep an eye out for this new product installment.

About Our Plaques

Our plaques are designed with a wooden base, You personalize the entire plaque yourself, which begins with your choice of wood: mahogany, ebony, walnut, whitewash, and natural. The personalization continues with the trim, which is available in black, gold, silver, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. You choose what details you want the engraving to include, which could be anything from the date to the recipient’s name, among any other addition. Newspaper or magazine articles, even web pages, certificates, or even the title page of an essay can be added to the design and sealed with heat, and finished for a glossy look. The design of the layout is varied based on personalization and category, and adds an amount of professionalism to any room or office space.

Contact Us Today

Our product can be a great addition to your home or workplace today! Your achievements or those of your employees can hang anywhere! Trophy rooms, offices, or anywhere of your choice can become decorated with your accomplishments. You can even create your own custom wall display. Our plaques are all about personalization, so you choose every detail and we will ensure that your finished product is exactly the way you like it! For any and all questions regarding our product, contact us today.

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