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New Product Crystaline Acrylic Plaques for Newspaper and Magazines.

Posted by Brian Brady on Thu, Jul 11, 2013 @ 08:40 PM

For over 25 years, our company In The News Inc., has been the industry leader for supplying noteworthy individuals the ideal way to preserve and display their accomplishments. Today I would like to present our newest product line, Crystaline cast acrylic plaques.  

magazine acrylic depth

New Technology for A New Look

Our Crystaline cast acrylic wall mounted plaques represent the next level in high quality document preservation and display. Better than old-fashioned Plexiglas frames, our cast acrylic plaques use car wrap printing technology to print your document directly onto the back of the acrylic panel. Your magazine expose, newsprint article or award certificate is perfectly preserved and won’t fade or wrinkle with age like paper. Diamond polishing leaves an attractive edge finish that will last for years. (no sandwiching your article between plexiglass, this is 1/4 inch acrylic)

Easily Mounted Indoors or Out

Sharing magazine and newspaper articles with your customers, visitors or family has never been easier. Crystaline acrylic wall plaques are available in several attractive matting and hardware color combinations. Our easy to use mounting hardware and simple instructions make getting your new plaque on the wall of your office, business or home a snap. We use exterior grade acrylic that looks and last just as long outdoors as it does on your wall.

Why is it called Crystaline

Our head designer wanted to capture both the technology and the cast acrylic we are using to bring to life this new product.  No one else in the framing industry combines both in a way that brings to life your documented success.  We wanted it to be special thus the spelling and the combination of Crystal and Product Line, "Crystaline".   

Get Crystaline the next time your business, public service or grandkids appear in the paper or you need a beautiful name plaque for your company. We want to help you share it with the world.  Click below and get a quote for the modern era wall plaque.  

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