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Crystaline Acrylic Plaques: FEED Resource Recovery Project

Posted by Brian Brady on Mon, Jul 22, 2013 @ 02:52 PM

Los Angeles Times

A recent Los Angeles Times Article, "A powerful use for spoiled food" has me mesmerized, I have a new found respect for Ralphs, Kroger and Food 4 Less Supermarkets and their commitment to using renewable energy.  

It just so happens this article would coincide with our new project for preserving, mounting, and framing newspaper and magazine articles with our new product Crystaline Acrylic Plaques. 

The process the stores have committed to is the innovation of FEED Resource Recovery Inc. a company in Boston Ma. founded in 2007.  Basically what this company has been able to create is a Zero Waste solution for the food industry by using unsold food as a clean energy source to power their facilities.  

They (Ralphs, Kroger and Food 4 Less) have developed this first of its kind facility in Compton to manage and use materials to profit from what they would otherwise send to a landfill.


The best way to learn about this new technology from FEED is to watch the video from Ryan Begin, CEO FEED. 

At our company In The News Inc. we where able to celebrate and capture this new innovation with a wall display sending one to all participating stores and project managers. 

How it Works 

We  infuse your feature to a clear ¼” cast-acrylic base that is polished to a brilliant luster.   We included polished silver mounting hardware giving it a clean, understated look.  We can even further customize your project with company logos as in the example below completed for the Ralphs/Food 4 Less Grocery chain below.

We’re you recently featured in the Los Angeles Times or a similar publication? Have you been recognized or featured in a magazine or business journal.  If so, highlight your moment in fame forever using our Crystaline Acrylic Plaque series. 

For more details, contact Centree Santiago at 1800-548-3993 or email    We’ll be happy to make your moment shine!!

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