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Joey Votto: 2013 Face of MLB Immortalized With A Plaque

Posted by Brian Brady on Wed, Aug 14, 2013 @ 10:35 AM

joey votto

Baseball has always been a true American pastime. Modernize it with the technological advances of social media and mix it with Major League Baseball, and you have a contest on Twitter for the Face of MLB. This year’s Face of MLB is Joseph Daniel “Joey” Votto of the Cincinnati Reds, who out-voted Joe Mauer, Jose Bautista, Derek Jeter, Andrew McCutchen, and Matt Kemp. He was “hashtagged” into first place and is this year’s face of Major League Baseball.

About Joey Votto

Joey Votto was born on September 10th of 1983, and his early love for baseball began with the Etobicoke Rangers baseball program. After high school, he was drafted to the MLB amateur draft by the Reds. In 2004, his minor career lifted off with twenty-six doubles and fourteen home runs. His minor league career peaked in 2006 with forty-six doubles and twenty-two home runs. The next year he began his career in Major League Baseball, and finished the year with four home runs and seventeen runs batted in.

In 2009, Votto was named the National League Player of the Week. The next year, he won the Hank Aaron Award in the National League. He was also announced as the 2010 National League Most Valuable Player, and in 2011 he won the Gold Glove Award. He has also won the Tip O’Neill Award, the National League Hank Aaron Award, the Ernie Lombardi Most Valuable Player Award, and the Lou Marsh Trophy.

In his Major League career, he has a .317 batting average, 143 home runs, and 486 runs batted in. He is recognized for his defensive plays as a first baseman.

Joey Votto and His Plaque

In the News made the plaque for Joey Votto’s title, portraying the bracket of his win. Votto was first against Jose Bautista, and then was voted ahead against Derek Jeter, then against Andrew McCutchen and finally Matt Kemp before being awarded the title.

Complete with the display of the bracket, the informational engraving, and the hand-crafted wooden base, Votto’s plaque becomes an instant form of memorabilia, immortalizing his success and his achievement. Hard work has truly paid off for Votto and his successful career in baseball.

His plaque can become a part of a wall display, or he can display it with his other awards, which include 2011’s National League All-Star award and 2010’s National League Most Valuable Player. His success has brought him many well-deserved awards and honors, and his plaque is now included in that list of achievements.

Joey Votto has much to be proud of; not only is his career in peak fruition, but he is also titled as the 2013 Face of Major League Baseball. His success has now been immortalized in a plaque that In the News was more than happy to craft for him. When an achievement has been reached or a goal has been accomplished, In the News is ready to immortalize it. Plaques can portray certificates, awards, articles, and website pages. Finished with a gloss, the plaques prove just how durable and lasting they truly are. Success deserves immortalization, and Joey Votto’s plaque immortalizes his achievement as the 2013 Face of Major League Baseball.Start Your Wood Plaque - body

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