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A Plaque For More Thyme In British Columbia

Posted by Tracey Tinsley on Mon, Aug 26, 2013 @ 10:57 AM

thyme on 43rd“Thanks to In the News for making this lovely plaque of Steve Whysall’s recent article in The Sun entitled ‘A Living Work of Art,’” posted Evelyn Faulkner on the Facebook page of Thyme on 43rd, the Japanese Gardens that add inspiration to the South Langley area of British Columbia, Canada. A picture coupled with the post shows a proud Faulkner displaying the large plaque. The plaque portrays the title of the publication, the title of the article as well as the article itself, and many pictures that the publication used of the serene gardens. Faulkner has much to be proud of, as her hard work has paid off. Canada can escape into the calming world of Thyme on 43rd, the beautiful walkthrough garden in Langley.

About Thyme on 43rd

Evelyn Faulkner has spent the last seven years piecing together Thyme on 43rd, a garden in the style of Japanese, with a large assortment of plants and serene decorations. The garden itself is a little over an acre long, but it has since turned into a stress-free environment where people can find peace and relaxation in the serene environment.

The idea for the garden found itself in the form of an answer to a question. After both of her parents died of cancer, Faulkner asked herself, “How can I create a stress-free environment?” And the garden soon became her answer. For the past seven years, building the garden had become a therapeutic way to carry the tragic burden of grief.

The garden is a retreat, open to guests with a reservation. The garden is a place where both the body and the mind can harmonize together. In the garden, the two aspects of the body and the mind can take the focus off of the outside world and bring the focus inward. Faulkner wanted to create a place where peace, serenity, and a calm environment could be found; and she created it. Her environment is now the place of inspiration for herself and others.

The process of building the garden was more of a journey. Taking seven years before reaching its peak, the garden saw three landscapers get hired and fired until Hayato Ogawa knew what Faulkner was looking for in a garden. Each rock and aspect of the garden was specifically chosen by Ogawa. The plants that grace the garden include thyme, ribbon grass, umbrella pine, evergreen magnolia, cryptomeria, Japanese maples and fastigiated yews. Pergolas, pathways, bamboo, pavilions, and gazebos decorate the garden even further, ensuring a calming experience. At the center of the garden lies a patio that looks upon a large waterfall and koi pond. The waterfall itself took nine months to build.

These types of serenity gardens are not museums, or theme parks. A garden is not meant for a guest to simply walk through it once, glancing here or there and not really soaking it in. Thyme on 43rd is the type of garden that no guest should be rushing through. Like a poet listening to the words he is about to write, Ogawa listened to the rocks, and placed them where the rocks wanted to be. It is this type of attention to detail that brings the atmosphere of serenity to the garden.

The Plaque

The plaque itself is one large entity with two displays, featuring the article, the newspaper title, and many photographs of the gardens. The displays are lined with a black and white border against the black wooden base. Underneath the second panel is the plaque’s information at Faulkner’s request.

No two plaques are the same, making each one a unique feat of pride. With this plaque, Faulkner can now display it in the main office. This will show the recognition of the gardens and its serene atmosphere as described by an outside source.

In the News was more than happy to create this plaque for Evelyn Faulkner and her calming creation. Each one is different, and can include a plethora of information that the recipient chooses. Almost anything can be turned into a plaque, including certificates, awards, magazine articles, or even newspaper features like Faulkner’s. A stylish addition to any room and in any location, a plaque immortalizes your success. In the case of Thyme on 43rd, the plaque immortalizes its therapeutic effect on its community.Start Your Wood Plaque - body

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