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Commemorate Achievements with a Good Banner

Posted by Tracey Tinsley on Wed, Sep 25, 2013 @ 10:10 AM

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When you have a plaque  of one of your news articles, you have a permanent reminder of your successful achievement or accomplishment. When you have an app icon sign, you have a physical representation of your business' online app. However, there is more to promoting your business than just having attractive plaques of your achievements (though they do help). Here at In the News, we are proud to offer a new product designed for your needs! Our banners are good for any occasion, in your storefront, at a local fair, or even at the big industry tradeshow, your custom In the News banner is designed to meet your specifications and needs.

You have the freedom to portray your message in the way that best suits your needs. A banner brings what you have to say to the public. Whether you want to reach out to the general public, potential customers, or your own loved ones, a banner is ideal for any occasion.

Your banner begins with you. You tell us your specifications, and we custom craft your banner to match your order. With our banners available in full color, you can have your banner match the mood of any event seamlessly, or stand out to draw attention to your business.

Just imagine: you have planned your event and you know every detail of what you want to have happen. The event is about to begin, but something is missing. Whether you are missing that critical display to draw attention to your booth at the tradeshow or need some way to direct the traffic at your family reunion, a banner can help direct people to where you want them to go. Have a big sale? Let potential customers know who you are and where you are with a banner that will bring attention, and consequently, sales.

Our Banners

A banner is the perfect addition to any occasion! Showcase your latest sale and event with a banner. A banner can proclaim the basic information of your event so any passersby can be enticed by your event.

Every business needs a banner. Whether your business is hosting a specific special event, a grand opening, a limited time offer sale, or even a grand closing, a banner is necessary convey vital information to your customers.

A banner is perfect for personal events as well. With a banner, family reunions are easier to find and announce! Surprise your child with a banner for their birthday party! Sororities and fraternities can also benefit by having a banner adorning their social and charity events with an announcement about their cause. Graduates can hang a banner at their graduation parties, and even neighborly barbecues can be made better with a banner.

Banners, in their simplest form, are methods of communication to spread information about any specific event. This allows you to increase awareness of your business' event and brand, bringing you more traffic. An increase in traffic means an increase in business, meaning a banner is a profitable investment for your business.

Banner 1The Difference a Banner Makes

The difference between a yard sale and a collection of assorted household items in your front lawn is the sign that explicitly states “Yard Sale.” A banner proclaims your business and intent to the world, letting potential customers know that you are there and that you have something to sell. Without a banner, your business or event will not have a proclamation of its existence, and customers will have not be able to be enticed by your offers.

If your new business is ready to announce itself to the local economy, you will want your potential customers in the area to know about the opening. A banner that reads “Grand Opening!” piques interest, and gives the public a new event to look forward to. Or perhaps your business is ready to close as you pursue other interests; a banner that reads “Everything Must Go!” implies your sale and the deals available, advertising directly from the doorstep of your business.

Whether you or your business is hosting a birthday party, a graduation party, or a business event, a banner is a way to reach out to your community while marketing your campaign or event. With a banner you and your organization or business can present to the public exactly the image you want according to your specifications.

Your Very Own Banner

Here at In the News, we guarantee that our products are designed with the best quality – and our banners are no different. Our banners portray only the best quality of images and phrases of your choosing. The colors of your banner’s images will light up your event with vibrant hues that are sure to draw a crowd and capture attention! Using a custom image with full color graphics to send your message is a great way to attract customers and business. The durable material of your banner can last for months outside, providing a lasting message no matter the duration of the event. The weather-proofed, 13 oz. heavy-duty material is highly resistant to the muggy and humid Florida weather, so it can stand strong: even against the hurricane season.

Our fast and reliable service provides you with your banner efficiently. With affordable prices at only $5 per square foot, your banner can be any size. See the cost chart below for more detailed pricing for whatever length of banner that you need.

 A banner brings attention to your business, generating customer interest, and that helps drive more business. A banner is a marketing tool that is the perfect addition to any business or event.

Contact Us for Your New Banner

When a person sees a banner above the threshold of an event, the banner creates immediate curiosity in the mind of the viewer. Even better, the banner can give potential customers the information that they need to find your booth or business and become actual customers.

With the simple addition of a banner, basic information can be given to the public while you handle the event. This transforms the banner into a form of multi-task marketing. The banner draws people and customers in, while you, as the host, can focus on the task at hand.

To estimate the price of your banner according to your specifications, please see our chart included below. The chart offers a list of price ranges respective to the desired size and quantity of your banners.

To begin the process of purchasing your new banner and receive a custom quote, you can contact us here at In the News via phone, email, or directly online. Our phone number is 800-548-3993, and you can email us at

Customize Your Banner!

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