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To Celebrate Others With a Plaque: Judith Porter

Posted by Tracey Tinsley on Fri, Nov 29, 2013 @ 02:42 PM

Judy Porter, humanitarian, academic, and all-around wonderful human being.Judith Porter is the Director of Community Outreach at Bishop Dunne Catholic School in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

However, this remarkable woman is more than just her job description. A lifelong believer in spreading joy and compassion among others, Judy began her career as a freelance writer and motivational speaker in 1987, a career which she has had a passion for her whole life. Judy just loves to help others recapture their enthusiasm for volunteer work and bring smiles to the faces of those around her. To this very day, she still offers to help others with her skills as a motivational speaker.

Another way in which Judy helped others was to become the family life director for the Catholic Diocese of Dallas back in 1993. She worked with various ministries within the Dallas Diocese to support people in the Dallas area and help them cope with grief, substance abuse, and marital problems as well as uplifting youths and preparing them for the challenges of life during her two years with the organization.

From here, Judy continued to work to help others as the Texas regional director of the Society of St. Andrew in June of 1995. While serving as the regional director, she worked to expose the hunger problem in the state of Texas and organized thousands of volunteers to feed those who could not find enough to feed themselves. For her efforts to relieve poverty and hunger in Texas, Judy earned an award for being one of the "Five Outstanding Young Texans" in 1995, and two "JC Penny Golden Rule Awards."

Even more remarkable is the fact that she earned these distinctions for her humanitarian efforts while earning her MBA in Human Resources from the University of Dallas, which she attended from 1995 to 1997. Prior to earning her MBA, Judy graduated Magna Cum Laude from West Virginia University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Journalism, and a separate Master's degree in Theological Studies in 1990.

After stepping down as the regional director for the Society of St. Andrew, Judy went on to teach at Bishop Lynch High School for nearly thirteen years. From August of 1998 to June of 2011, she taught classes on Social Issues and Community Service to the seniors of Bishop Lynch High. During this time, she encouraged students to help their communities by involving them with volunteer work such as helping to prepare lunches for the homeless in the area. She also coached the school's tennis team for seven years while at BLHS. All told, this woman helped to guide the moral and professional development of nearly 3,000 students during her career as a teacher and coach.

Just a couple of years ago (June 2011, to be exact), Judy was recruited by Bishop Dunne Catholic School to be their Director of Community Outreach. Here, she gets to do what she loves most, helping others, and help spread awareness of her school's program throughout the Dallas/Ft. Worth community while she does so. Judy still feeds the hungry and the homeless, bringing health, happiness, and hope to the people that society neglects.

As a Catholic college preparatory school, Bishop Dunne Catholic School teaches values of spiritual growth and faith, service, academic excellence, appreciation of the individual, social justice, and providing a positive and nurturing environment. Given Judy's selfless service to others and academic excellence throughout her life, it is difficult to imagine that Bishop Dunne could have found a better candidate for the position of Director of Community Outreach.

Bishop Dunne Catholic School has a long and storied history of excellence as a college prep school, as 100 percent of their graduating seniors go on to attend college afterwards. The school helps ensure their stunning success rate by helping place students in a college even before graduation. Being a part of this shared history of excellence is a wonderful opportunity and a mark of distinction in its own right.

Plaques are a great way to show a new friend how much you appreciate them.When Dallas Bunsa, a student in the ACE program (Alliance for Catholic Education), was assigned to the Dallas area to become a student-teacher of literature at Bishop Dunne, Judy not only wrote an article for the local paper to help commemorate the event, she went a step further by commissioning a plaque of the article and presenting it to Mr. Bunsa as a trophy.

This custom silver and ebony plaque will proudly adorn Mr. Bunsa's new office, and will serve as a cherished keepsake that will remind him of just how much the people around him care. Students who visit his office will be able to see this plaque and know that their new teacher worked hard to earn his position with the Bishop Dunne Catholic School.

The professional arranging and engraving of this plaque will allow it to serve as a conversation piece for years to come, even after Mr. Bunsa moves on to new opportunities and responsibilities.

This plaque is also built to last, preserving the article within so that it will continue to be an attractive reminder of Dallas' welcome to Bishop Dunne for decades to come. The article in the plaque has been sealed against the elements so that it will not become yellowed, cracked, or torn like a simple newspaper clipping would.

In The News is proud to have helped Judy welcome her new coworker to her academic community. We hope that Judy, Dallas, and Bishop Dunne Catholic Preparatory school all continue to provide the youth of Texas the top-quality education and motivation to succeed in life.

If you would like to celebrate a new coworker with a plaque, or commemorate a special event, please contact us at 1-800-548-3993 or try out our custom plaque creation process today.

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