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Give the Perfect Business Gift with a Plaque

Posted by Tracey Tinsley on Fri, Dec 06, 2013 @ 10:57 AM

Give a business the gift that will keep on givingThe holiday season is here, and everyone has one thing on their minds: what to get others for the holiday season, whether their holiday of choice is Christmas, Hanukkah, or some other gift-giving occasion.

But, while you’re thinking about what to give others, have you considered what you could get for their business? Almost anything you can get for their business would be a great investment, one that will keep on giving. But, there is one gift in particular that will be the perfect holiday present: a plaque of their most recently featured business article.

If they’ve had an article written about them or their company in the past year, have you considered getting a plaque of it made for them? It’s a great way to ensure that the effects of their achievement are maximized and highlighted. Even better, if the article about their company involves all of their employees, you can help accentuate their great behavior for the holidays and help bring holiday cheer into their office.

Nothing helps spread good cheer better than being positive and encouraging to your employees and investing in your business. It shows that you care, that you believe, and that you’re ready to keep working for the company and those employees—a great gift at any time of the year, but especially now!

Recognizing Achievements

Having an article that’s about them or their company is something to brag about. After all, not everyone gets an article written about them. If they did, magazines wouldn’t have anything to sell, really. People want to read about achievers. So the fact that they have an article about them means that their business or their methods are in some way remarkable and achieve great things.

So, why wouldn’t you recognize that achievement or the opportunity that an article presents to them in their own office? People post their diplomas to prove their credentials and to show off their achievements. People post their certifications because they worked hard and took the time to earn them. Why not show off the article written about them in the same way?

Having that article written about them is an achievement, no doubt. It’s a little different from a diploma or certification but it’s certainly no less important. Some people took time out of their day to try to quantify what they’ve learned about this company, all the while showing the public why the company deserved it in the first place. It’s a great source of advertising as well as brand-building, plus it can be used as a source of morale-building. Get the most that you can out of it!

Finding Opportunities

We know that they run a company that’s resourceful and competent, and we know that what they or their company have achieved, they achieved by being resourceful and frugal. For instance, if they’re sending an employee to evaluate something and they’ll be close to another lead for the company, wouldn’t they send that employee to the other lead as well while they’re there? That makes the time spent more useful and covers more ground. Well, we know that finding opportunities can be hard, but this is one that you can easily do in a short amount of time and give a great gift to their company and their employees.

After all, they identified the opportunity that got them written about. Why not use the opportunity of the article to keep the company working properly and to keep their employees happy about where they work? It’s a simple idea and works wonders. If you’ve identified this opportunity to make the article work harder for them and their company, now’s your best chance to give their company the gift of more recognition and prestige—at a reasonable cost!

Getting Recognition

But the great part about this holiday gift isn’t just to their employees and their company. If they have clients and customers in their office on a regular basis, making a plaque of the article that was written about them is a great way to have their clients and customers recognize their benefits and how their company runs.

When they look around an office, most people expect a lot of the same things: the aforementioned diplomas and certifications, pictures of family and friends, and a lot of knick knacks spread around the room. Why not make one of those things an article about them? It gives customers something to look at that’s both beautiful and functional, and helps the potential or current client or customer understand that business better.

It can even be a conversation starter, to help break the ice and bring them around from a professional discussion to a warm conversation about the company and its services. That’s a big bonus: not only to be recognized by your peers, but to be recognized by your clients and customers as well. A little of this can go a long way in a market that is increasingly based on word-of-mouth advertising! Why not get started on this today?

Brand Building

Another benefit that you can expect from getting this company or person a plaque for the holidays is that it helps build their brand, just like the original article did. Anything that’s speaking positively about their company, employees, or their achievements helps make them look more attractive to their clients, customers, and the public at large. As we said before, this word-of-mouth market that we have means that building their brand is one of the most important things that a company can do to keep their business growing and earning.

So, adding a plaque to their walls containing the nice article written about them means that not only do they get the previous recognition, they will be building the brand to anyone who happens to see it.

The article itself does help build the brand, certainly, but displaying it in a plaque means that it’s placed somewhere where it will be able to attract attention and create buzz about their brand. This means that the brand-building effort that the article exerts can also extend into their very office, where their branding and the energy surrounding it needs to be the most positive. Don’t let this opportunity slip away from you, especially during the holidays—it makes the most sense to move toward positivity now, during the transition into the new year!

Showcase Their Excellence

So, what we’re trying to say is that you wouldn’t (and shouldn’t) hide your excellence in a drawer. You'll want to display it. You might display wedding photos, photos of your kids, diplomas, and pictures that you think are excellent.

Things we value, we display. It’s in our nature. So, why would they want to hide the article talking about their excellence away? Holidays are a great way to get us thinking about the excellence in our lives, and that should extend to the excellence others have recognized in us as well.

Don’t let the company down by trying to make the article simply speak for itself. Give their article a platform to speak from. Show off the award of a well-written document, and let others see what the company’s doing for the community, for the market, and for themselves. While it might not a traditional gift, giving something that improves the value of a business is always appropriate and intelligent—and helps increase your value to the company, as well. The holidays are coming fast—get that article turned into a plaque before they pass you by!


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