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In The News Brings You New Backgrounds for Acrylic Plaques!

Posted by Tracey Tinsley on Fri, Nov 07, 2014 @ 02:24 PM

Here, you can see a clear crystaline acrylic plaque next to a plaque with the same article but using a blue silk background.For years, In The News’ customers have enjoyed our selection of custom crystaline acrylic plaques featuring their favorite news and magazine articles. From headlines in major newspapers featuring an enormous professional achievement, to features in hobbyist and industry magazines, people love to preserve their favorite moments in an acrylic plaque to share with friends, family, and co-workers.

Capturing moments such as these in a clear acrylic plaque is a great way to keep the articles within looking like new while creating a stunning display piece for the home or office. Later, In The News added a new option to add a black background to the plaques, giving you the ability to create even more visually distinctive plaques for your space.

Today, we here at In The News are proud to announce that we have added even more background options for your crystaline acrylic plaque orders. How many? With these new background options, you now have 30 different choices for your plaque’s background.

Why 30 Different Backgrounds?

The short answer to this question is “to give customers more and better choices for their plaques.”

With 30 different backgrounds to choose from (not including the basic clear background), it’s easier to find a background that fits your décor or the mood of your article more closely. While the basic clear background can fit in seamlessly with any décor, literally blending right in, sometimes, you want your achievements to really stand out.

Using a bright, bold background can draw the eye, while more subdued and neutral backgrounds give an article a more dignified look.

The New Background Categories

Beyond simply adding different colors to the crystaline acrylic plaques, many of these backgrounds actually have different styles and patterns integrated into them.

For example, the different categories of these new backgrounds include:

  1. Color Gradients. These plaque backgrounds come in several colors, including red, blue, yellow, green, and gray. Each of these backgrounds features a single, strong color that acts as the backdrop of the article in the plaque, with a diagonal stripe of color that fades to white and back through the middle. Bold but simple, these backgrounds create a solid, striking appearance that draws attention.

  2. The brush metallic background is both attractive and classy, sure to fit right in with most professional environments.Metals. Perfect for manufacturing or other industrial settings, these plaques feature a series of unique metallic patterns reminiscent of stamped sheet metal. Aside from the industrial-looking stamped metal look, there are brushed gold and silver-colored varieties that give plaques a sleeker, more polished look.

  3. Nature. The patterns of these plaque backgrounds are meant to evoke elements of nature, including water, moss, stone, and marble. The stone and green marble backgrounds are a perfect way to add an air of dignity to any article, while the water and green moss backgrounds are a creative way to draw the eye to a plaque and maybe even help to convey the idea behind the contents of the article.

  4. Fabrics. From stylish and classy silk patterns in red, white and more, to down to earth patterns such as linen and denim, the all-new fabric acrylic plaque backgrounds can help you convey a mood for the articles within the plaque that’s as serious or as fun as you want.

  5. Faux Wood. For those who want the dignity of a wooden plaque, but want the modernity of an acrylic plaque, there are now faux wood backgrounds to help you get the best of both. These plaques com in rustic, teak, and more.

From fun and creative decorative backgrounds with bright colors and unique patterns, to serious designs with muted colors and dignified appearances, you can have the background that's just right for sharing your story as highlighted in the news with friends, family, and everyone else!

Even with the new backgrounds, you still have your choice of mounting hardware in black or silver, and trims including black, gold & black, or silver & black, as well as the ability to add a logo engraving, just like with the standard crystaline acrylic plaques from before.

Find out how you can add personality and pizazz to your articles with a new background acrylic plaque today!

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