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Veterans’ Memorial Plaques Stolen, then Replaced

Posted by Tracey Tinsley on Sat, May 24, 2014 @ 04:05 PM

Midway through the month of April, thieves ventured into the Veteran’s Memorial Park in Wichita, Kansas and vandalized the USS Dorado Memorial display. Two of the plaques were stolen in their entirety, and a third was left at the scene of the crime.

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Iron Plaques that Honor Iron-Willed Heroes Rediscovered

Posted by Tracey Tinsley on Wed, May 14, 2014 @ 12:48 PM

In Hartford, Connecticut, there was once a memorial to honor the soldiers from the town who perished while fighting the battles of World War I. Established in 1926, eight years after the end of that horrific war this memorial was built in front a large copse of elm trees to mark the immortality of their memory and the enormity of their sacrifice. The memorial featured a series of custom-made plaques engraved with the names of Hartford’s greatest sons.

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A Plaque to Remember the Navy Yard Tragedy

Posted by Tracey Tinsley on Thu, Apr 24, 2014 @ 01:59 PM

On September 16, 2013, a former navy reservist named Aaron Alexis used his status as a military subcontractor to gain access to the Washington Navy Yard, where he began a shooting rampage that ended with the deaths of 12 people, and his own death as well. The attack was sudden and wholly unexpected, and while theories about Alexis’ motives behind attacking the facility have been proposed, the truth of the matter remains unclear.

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Iowa’s Preserving History with QR-Code Enabled Plaques

Posted by Tracey Tinsley on Tue, Apr 15, 2014 @ 04:46 PM

Soon, the residents of Greene County and Jefferson County, Iowa will be able to enjoy some new additions to their historical sites: a series of bronze plaques dedicated to notable persons, events, and locations throughout the state’s history.

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Remembering Two Brave Firefighters with a Plaque

Posted by Tracey Tinsley on Fri, Apr 11, 2014 @ 12:40 PM

On April 9, 2012, Philadelphia Firefighters Daniel Sweeney and Lt. Robert Neary of Engine 7, Ladder 10 lost their lives while fighting an out of control blaze in a warehouse in Kensington. During the fire, a wall collapsed, killing the two men and injuring others.

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Commemorate Big Events with Custom Artwork from In The News!

Posted by Tracey Tinsley on Thu, Apr 10, 2014 @ 09:51 AM

In The News is dedicated to helping both individuals and businesses celebrate their accomplishments as recorded in the pages of their favorite publications, whether it’s a newspaper, magazine, or even an online article. Through our featured article plaques, people are able to preserve the stories of their greatest achievements so that they can be shared with others for decades to come.

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A Plaque Caper Half a Century in the Making

Posted by Tracey Tinsley on Tue, Apr 01, 2014 @ 11:32 AM

Last week, we talked about the theft of three brass memorial plaques honoring servicemen from California in National City’s Kimball Park Stadium. Thankfully in the case of that theft, the thieves abandoned the plaques quickly when the local community’s outcry against the defacing of a memorial honoring previous generations of their own families proved to be extremely vocal.

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Memorial Plaques Stolen from Kimball Park Stadium, then Recovered

Posted by Tracey Tinsley on Fri, Mar 28, 2014 @ 11:11 AM

Just a couple of weeks ago, thieves took down three brass plaques from the veteran’s memorial at Kimball Park Stadium in National City, California. The sudden disappearance of the memorial plaques that have honored fallen American soldiers for over 60 years sparked outrage among the residents of the California community.

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Custom Car Destroyed, A Plaque Keeps the Memory Intact

Posted by Tracey Tinsley on Wed, Mar 19, 2014 @ 03:06 PM

You may or may not have heard about the incident at the Kentucky National Corvette Museum, where more than a half-dozen rare and valuable Corvettes fell through the floor of the museum into a sinkhole that had developed under the building’s foundation.

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Important Plaques: The Vietnam War In Memory Plaque

Posted by Tracey Tinsley on Thu, Dec 05, 2013 @ 03:37 PM

The Vietnam War remains one of the most controversial and infamous wars that the United States of America has ever been involved in. This war, which officially began in 1954 (Dwight D. Eisenhower pledged support to South Vietnam's Ngo Dinh Diem in 1955), saw more than half a million American military personnel become embroiled in the conflict over its nearly two-decade long lifespan.

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