Our Mission

We are a Company whose first responsibility is to offer lamination and engraving services to individuals and small, medium and large businesses throughout the United States for a fair profit. Working as a team guided by competent management, we can ensure a secure and healthy Company for the future.

As businesses and individuals appear “In The News” our objective is to make available, via telemarketing, a product which prominently and tastefully displays the Original article or achievement in which they have been featured.

Our success depends on a timely approach to the offer and delivery of our product and our service, capitalizing on the promotion of people, careers and companies. To that end, we will provide, with utmost efficiency, a handmade custom product featuring Top Quality Workmanship worthy of our unconditional guarantee.

We are dedicated to building a Company that will provide opportunities to the employees, managers, and stockholders. We must create a challenging work environment that recognizes individual growth and productivity while fostering a team concept.

We must maintain an exciting and professional atmosphere committed to enhancing the pride and self-esteem of each team member. Our uniqueness as a Company is reflected in our marketing concept, however, our success as a Company lies with each employee as they carry out their commitment to this mission.