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Interacting With Objects


To select objects, simply click on the object using your left mouse button.


To resize an object, first select it, then click and drag one of the resizing squares around the object.


Any unlocked object can be moved by left-clicking and dragging the object. With photo containers, click and drag anywhere over the object. The innermost gray circle becomes visible once the object is selected. You can also move an object using its size & position property.


Any unlocked object can be rotated using the rotation pin (the little white circle) located at the top of the selected object.  Click the circle to rotate the object in the direction in which you drag. Holding down the Shift key will allow you to rotate in increments of 15 degrees.


Once selected, you can see the editing properties of objects top the right. Different objects have different properties. We can see that with this photo container object, we can edit borders, arrange photo, delete photo, or edit the size and position using precise measurements.


We can arrange objects forwards or backwards of others by editing their arrangement properties.

Moving An Image Inside A Container

Click and drag the inner circle to move the image inside the container.

Resizing An Image Inside A Container

To enlarge or shrink your image inside its container, click the - or + buttons that become visible once the image container is selected.

Note: If you are unable to get the images's area of interest to fit the frame ratio correctly, you may benefit from selecting another template with different measurements.




Video Directions