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Thank you for visiting In The News, Inc. We appreciate your interest in our company. The intent of this page is to provide information to help you better understand our business and dispel any concerns regarding copyright and other issues. For your convenience we have included this link for additional information regarding copyright laws. 

US Code Collection 

In The News, Inc. does not reproduce publications - we mount the actual article (comparable to framing) and all client correspondence contains the following disclosure:

"In The News plaques are not sponsored by nor endorsed by the publishers of the articles that are mounted on the plaques. In The News, Inc. is not affiliated with any newspaper or magazine publication."

If we are unable to obtain the original article we will then contact the publisher and request permission to copy. If the publisher does not provide a written permission to copy, then we will not produce the plaque. Please keep in mind that our philosophy is to "Preserve The Authentic Article". 

We have maintained an exceptional working relationship with hundreds of publishers throughout the United States, as we hope to develop with you. Because of this rapport, we invariably remain within our legal bounds and carefully guard our reputation. 

In The News, Inc. also works in conjunction with various publishing companies - if you are interested in an alliance please send us an e-mail or contact our operations department at 1-800-548-3993.