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It's not just a hobby - it's a Lifestyle!

For the past three decades In The News, Inc. has been providing custom display pieces with your favorite magazine features.

Whether it's slammed, shaved, tuned, lifted, rodded, blown, or where ever your passion lies - In The News, Inc. has been there to help you showcase your ride.  We work side by side with many publishing leaders like Truckin', Mini Truckin' ( may it rest in peace ), Hot Rod and Hot Bike as well as the trailblazing innovators like Common Treads, Slamd , LIFTD and Gauge.  Now we have the awesome opportunity to get the inside scoop from two veterans of the scene, Mike Murray "The Mayor" and Jason "ODB" Ballard.  Each episode of Our Lifestyle the Podcast offers the latest info on upcoming shows, feature builds, custom shops and feature guests.  

As digital media and other mediums now share the stage with print magazines, we have expanded our product line to include:

  • Custom Show Boards
  • 3D acrylic stands
  • Video stills
  • Photo collage 

Have you been featured in a magazine or have a project in mind?